Saturday, 15 August 2009

Is the peace movement alive today?

I admire a lot of things about the sixties 'counter-culture'; and I thought the 40th anniversary of the famous Woodstock Festival would be a fine time to reflect on this, and share my feelings about the legacy of 1960s culture.

The things that particular groups of people (musicians, poets, artists, politicians, activists of all sorts, and spiritualists) were able to make happen, at that time; it has always inspired me! I think that the spirit of those times makes up a great deal of who I am. Life is so pre-packaged. It upsets me, at times.

I want to believe that people can make a difference, within the social and political landscape! I miss that attitude. There's so much apathy and ignorance around, now! I would have loved to witness figures like Dr King, Malcolm X, Huxley, Warhol, Leary, Kerouac, and Ginsberg. It's cool to try to make your choice of love and tolerance, over that of violence and aggression. All of that isn't easy to achieve, though. I like to watch the footage of the marches, the protests, the sit-ins, and the great speeches... Bucking the system.

I am a great believer in love, peace, and activism. And the free exchange of ideas, and beliefs. The Internet is ideal, for continuing the movement of freedom of information. So, there's hope. It's about people, worldwide, sharing information; and re-gaining some power. The Net, blogging, and social networking, is bringing people together.

Now, pretty much anyone can be an activist.

Let me know what you think of this.


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